Welcome to the CS OrthoTrac Software v14.1.0.14 Update download Page

We are pleased to introduce the new release of CS OrthoTrac Software v14.1.0.14. Please have one final check through of the hardware and software requirements. Once you are happy you meet these requirements please click the download button. Please beaware it is a large file and may take upto an hour to download depending on your bandwith speed.

Computer Hardware Requirements

Before installation it is important to check that all your hardware meets the requirements of CS OrthoTrac Software v14.1.0.14. Please read the ORTHOTRAC Practice Management Software v14.0 System Requirements

Before Installing the Update

Your practice must already be using CS Orthotrac software v11 or v12 and CS Orthodontic Imaging software version 11.4 or higher before installing the CS OrthoTrac Software v14 update. Your OrthoTrac and Imaging versions are displayed on the main menu bar:

If you need a newer version, please do not upgrade but do contact the Orthotrac helpdesk.