About Orthotrac

Orthotrac is the leading practice management software for dedicated orthodontic practices within the United Kingdom. Orthotrac offers a perfect balance of practice management solutions, imaging storage, patient communication and orthodontic treatment charting – making the day to day running of an orthodontic practice as smooth as possible.

This powerful, user-friendly system allows practices to track appointments, clinical information, payments, and patient correspondence with automated tools making you manage your daily tasks easier than ever. Orthotrac makes the patients the most important part of practice; allowing the software to continually monitor the intricate details of the business, therefore, freeing up the time for staff to concentrate on primary patient care.

Each Orthodontic practice is assigned one of our trainers who train a very specific agenda which gets each practice set up and customised for exactly what they require to ensure the business runs as seamlessly as possible. Bespoke, customised letters can be generated at the click of a button – eliminating the time being spent to type out all assessment letters. Private revenue is heightened by the instant process of being able to generate a private quotation and private information pack as the patient is leaving the surgery with all images and costing information included, therefore, providing the most individual patient care.