• Carestream Orthodontic Imaging

    Carestream orthodontic imaging software lets your work speak for itself!

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CS Orthodontic Imaging Software

Patient photo’s are stored within the Orthotrac imaging module, a one stop shop for all the patients imaging records – including photographs, scanned documents, letter correspondence, radiographs and CS3600 intra-oral scans.

Easily track patients treatment progress using the bespoke image galleries, compare images side by side as treatment progresses, produce welcome packs and debond certificates, automatically merge images into correspondence and utilise the ceph tracing tools for diagnostic records.


  • Bespoke image galleries can be set up to reflect the images you take for patient records
  • Images can be easily shared with patients as they are exported in a Jpeg format, so its really easy for patients to share on social media
  • Communication is key! Carestream imaging software lets you automatically merge patient images & radiographs into  letter templates and patient education material and motivational material
  • Seamlessly store radiographs in the patients Orthotrac imaging folder alongside photo’s and 3d scans
  • Automatically merge a radiograph into a letter template – for example an Extraction request to a general dentist or hospital
  • Highlight areas of interest and screenshot to include in correspondence or for patient education
  • The simple to use Ceph tracing module allows for straight forward & efficient Ceph tracing

Intra-Oral Scans:

  • CS 3600 intra-oral scanner seamlessly loads 3D intra-oral scans into the patients Orthotrac Orthodontic imaging chart
  • CS Model plus software allows you to create treatment set ups, PAR score, record multiple bite postures and create a full clinical report
  • An integrated secure portal allows you to export open STL, DICOM or PTY files direct to your lab